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Who We Are

Hope Memorial Chapel is an independently owned and locally operated funeral home serving all religions and ethnicities. For over 100 years, we have provided Biddeford, Saco, and the surrounding communities with a variety of Traditional Burial and Cremation offerings. Our staff draws upon their many decades of experience in the funeral industry to ensure everyone who walks through our doors receive the utmost compassionate and professional service. We realize each family differs in how they wish to remember a loved one. As such, we are happy to customize our options and accommodate special requests so that each funeral perfectly encapsulates and celebrates the unique life of a cherished family member. 

Though our history extends back a century, we are not afraid to adapt to the ever changing requirements of the people we serve. Our current location at 480 Elm Street incorporates a state-of-the-art audio and visual system and has the capacity to host up to 300 visitors at once. It was designed as a funeral home rather than converted from an existing house or dwelling. This allows for ease of access for our guests while furnishing the most modern equipment for our staff. Our specialized vehicles, ranging from hearses to limos, are refreshed every few years to best represent our funeral home and our families. All the while, we continually refine our service offerings to new tastes and attitudes. 

We are proud to combine the advancement of twenty-first century funeral service with time honored values and commitment. Come and explore how we can make planning of your loved one's memorial comforting and easier.

Our Facilities

Our funeral home occupies nearly 15,000 square feet on a four acre lot. For the convenience of our guests, we have an on-site parking lot with 145 spaces. 

Chapels: We have three separate chapels that can each host their own funerals or be used in conjunction for a larger service. Altogether, we can accommodate up to 300 simultaneous guests comfortably within our building. 

Each chapel has a multimedia sound system, projection monitors for slideshows or presentations, and the ability to live stream services from other chapels. 

Meeting Rooms: Our two arrangement conference rooms can each sit six family members comfortably. In addition, next to the front entrance is a sitting room for small, intimate gatherings like those with clergy or speakers. Finally, sofas and chairs are laid out throughout the funeral home for one on one meetings or to simply relax. 

Specialty Rooms: The kids room has enough toys and entertainment to keep the little ones occupied and happy during services. For adults, we offer a spacious refreshment lounge with seating for 24. Small receptions can also be hosted there.

Our History

Hope Memorial Chapel was founded in 1993 through the merger of R.G. Bolduc & Sons, Emond & Conroy, and  Cosgrove Funeral Homes. Our founders, John Conroy Jr. and Marc R. Bolduc were able to not only combine the businesses, but also the facilities as well. They bought an old bowling alley, tore out the interiors entirely, and rebuilt it from the ground up to serve as our new chapel. By integrating the staff, vehicles, and equipment into one bigger location, we could host more visitors and provide more effective service to our families than each of the three original funeral homes could before the merger. 

Through our predecessors, we can trace our lineage back over 120 years to the 1890’s when Cosgrove Funeral  Home opened as Cosgrove Livery and Stable Service, becoming the first professional end of life services provider in Biddeford. The chart below details key events since then at each of the pre-merged funeral homes until the day Hope Memorial Chapel was founded. Our goal is provide you some insight into our story, one which continues to  this day. The people and places may have changed over the last century, but our long legacy of care and community remains.

Before we had funeral homes as we see today, funeral service began with furniture makers, livery and stable services, and small parlors in family homes and apartments. But, as mills, shoe shops, and tanneries built their factories, the local community's population grew, and their need for more efficient and centralized funeral service followed suit.

Approximately 1890 – Opening of Cosgrove Livery and Stable services. They would provide for the transportation needs of the family and the deceased with horse drawn carriages and casket coach/carriage.

Approximately 1901 – Emond Funeral Service opens to serve the Biddeford community at 32 Pool Street, providing caskets and furnishings, such as chairs and tables, needed for an at-home wake service. John Fedime Emond was the owner and operator.

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1st funeral home at 32 Pool St., Biddeford

Early 1900's – Cosgrove Livery and Stables enlarges its operations from providing horses and carriages to also providing caskets and furnishings for visitations. Cosgrove Funeral Home is formed.

 1912 – Frank X. Emond, son of John Fedime Emond, graduates from New England Institue, Boston. He is among the first to be schooled in funeral arts. Previously, there was no education requirement to practice funeral service, though an extended apprenticeship was required.

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circa 1912

 1919 – John Fedime Emond passes away. Frank X. Emond continues the funeral home operations. His brother Napoleon joins the firm for a short time before moving to Waterville to begin his own funeral home.

 1935 – Frank X. Emond purchases 72 Hill St, a duplex half owned by his mother. He begins a series of renovations which included spacious rooms for visitations as well as a casket showroom and private work spaces for making funeral arrangements and a dedicated embalming room.

1936 – An elevator was installed in the F.X. Emond Funeral Home, unheard of at the time, to better serve clients needs. This was approximately the first year when visitations are being held at a facility dedicated for serving the needs of the deceased and their families.

Early 1940's – John Paul Emond joins his father, Frank X. Emond. He worked nearly 20 years, interrupted only by his service during World War II.

1947 – Following World War II, Raymond G. Bolduc begins his apprenticeship with F.X. Emond Funeral Home.

1953 – Following his six year apprenticeship with F.X. Emond Funeral Home, Raymond G. Bolduc purchased the 291 Alfred Street property and converted it into a funeral home. Bolduc Funeral Home is established.

 1956 through 1978 – Bolduc Funeral Home undergoes many renovations to better serve the community. Renovations include a second story addition to the building, a 2 ½ car garage, a casket showroom, and, following the purchase of a neighboring house, a new parking lot.

 1958 – John Conroy, Sr. and his wife Gertrude Conroy, daughter of Frank X. Emond join F.X. Emond Funeral Home. Soon, the funeral home is named Emond & Conroy Funeral Home.

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Emond-Conroy Funeral Home

 1962 – John and Gertrude Conroy along with Gertrude's sister and brother-in-law co-founded Conroy-Tully Funeral Home of Portland (now Conroy-Tully-Walker Funeral Home)

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Conroy Funeral Home

1971 – Marc R. Bolduc, after serving during Vietnam in the Air Force, joins his father and brother, Norman, at R.G. Bolduc & Sons Funeral Home, helping with the day-to-day operations.

1973 – John Conroy Jr., graduated of Holy Cross College, joins his parents, John and Gertrude Conroy Sr., at Emond & Conroy Funeral Home after completing his education at New England Institute, Boston. Previously, John Jr. had spent 7 years working in Worcester, MA, hospitals.

 1974 – Marc R. Bolduc completes his education and serves an apprenticeship with Hay & Peabody Funeral Home in Portland.

1975 – Raymond G. Bolduc retires and Marc Bolduc takes over the management of R.G. Bolduc & Sons Funeral Home from his father. He continues to make improvements to the facility.

 1975 – Following the death of his father, John Conroy Jr. continues operating Emond & Conroy Funeral Home. He is a fourth-generation funeral director.

1978 – John Conroy Jr. purchases the Cosgrove Funeral Home on 326 Elm Street. He continues to operate both funeral homes with the assistance of his mother, Gertrude Conroy

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Cosgrove Funeral Home

1990's – John Conroy Jr. and Marc R. Bolduc discuss combining their funeral homes. By combining their staff, equipment, and efforts they will be better able to provide their community

 1993 – Hope Memorial Chapel, the combined efforts of Marc R. Bolduc and John Conroy, opens on its current location, 480 Elm Street. The R.G. Bolduc & Sons , Emond & Conroy and Cosgrove Funeral Homes close their doors to make way for Hope Memorial Chapel.

 1997 – Cathedral Pines Funeral Home is established on 156 Saco Avenue, Old Orchard Beach and maintains operations there for 17 years.

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Cathedral Pines Funeral Home

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