Rose Mary Ernest

Birth Date: Apr. 23, 1953

Death Date: Jul. 19, 2013

Rose M. Ernest, 60, passed away on July 19, 2013 surrounded by her loving family after a brief but intense and couragous battle against cancer. She was born in Eastport on April 23, 1953. She graduated from Shead Memorial High School in 1971 and shortly after she moved to Southern Maine where she bacame a CNA and was employed by St. Andres Healthcare and Trull Nursing Homes for the better part of the 80ís.

Rose was a beautiful, kind and caring woman who was full of spirit. She had a great love for people and animals. She loved her family, especially her grandbabies and enjoyed spending time with friends and family around the bonfire at her home in Hollis.

She was predeceased by her mother Joanne Hayward and her beloved brother Arthur Hayward, Jr.

Rose is survived by:
1 daughter: Jolene Ernest of Saco
2 sons: Joshua Ernest of Buxton
Christopher Ernest of Biddeford
her father: Arthur Hayward, Sr. of Springvale
1 brother: Richard Hayward of Ohio
1 half sister: Mary of Springvale
9 grandchildren: Dillon, Kiyah, Brooke, Nate, Baron, Micah, Brody, Ailani and Bella
Her soul mate: Glen Gross
Very close friend: Amie Dyer
Many nieces, nephews and friends

Roses family would like to thank Hospice of Southern Maine, specifically Dena Giroux and Rev. Larry Greer for their outstanding care, warmth and compassion they showed to our family and to Rose during her illness. Thanks hardly seems enough.

A celebration of Roseís life will be held on Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at Bayview Cemetery in Eastport. Those wishing to attend may contact the family. Arrangements are being handled by Hope Memorial Chapel, 480 Elm St., Biddeford, ME 04005. In lieu of flowers donations in her hame may be made to an account for her grandchildrens college education and those wishing to do so are urged to contact her son Christopher for the information



Mom, i am missing you so much! I cant believe you have been gone for a year now and it seems like just yesterday when i fell asleep on your couch and things were good and then you get ill and then your gone just like that. Boys are getting big! They miss you especially during the holidays! Wish i could reach up to heaven and kiss and hug you but i know i can in my dreams..... Please send me a sign so i know you are by my side....

Jolene ernest
Missing you Mom!!!! Dillon is driving now can you believe it! Nate just turned 14 and starting high school. They both have grown so much and are young men now....i pray you watch over them and keep them safe! Til we meet again love you always and forever

Amie Chris and kids
There are no words to describe how much.we miss you ! Although wrong all did our best to come together as a family , spending the holidays together and going about our days trying to honor your wishes nothing seems to be remotely the same without you !! For the most part we area family and with the exception of josh and his family we a re all there for each other and holding it together and getting each other through as best we can but it hurts and even as the months pass it doesn't seem to get.any easier without you here. Though we feel you with us every day and you make your presence known we would give up a lifetime here on earth to spend even just one more minute with you! Stay close ma.sometimes it. Is all that keeps us from giving up and trying to find a way to join you up there. We love you ma always in our hearts , we will see you soon . Ps. We got your Christmas gift you are a crafty one!!!!

Jolene ernest
Mom, another beautiful day! Wish you were here so we could go down by the river to your favorite spot!!!! From here to the moon I love you

Jolene ernest
Mom, it's a beautiful day! The sun is bright and barely any clouds in sight! I drift off in my mind as I'm torn leaving you behind! Tears roll down my cheeks, the words hard for me to speak! The words "I LOVE YOU" seem hardly enough, watching your suffering was way too tough! I held your hand and kissed you goodnite, how was I to know god would take you into the light! One foot in this world and one foot in the other, we know you wanted to be with your brother! So we held your hands and cried and let you know that we would be ok, we gave you permission to leave us this day! Your courage and strength and love shined thru, and we knew that one day we would lose you! We told ourselves we would get thru we had no idea how much we would mourn you! Never forgotten!

Jolene ernest
Hey mom! I got your ashes today in a pendant that I will wear around my neck always! I picked out a nice rope chain for the pendant and you hang down around my heart and there you will always be! There was a special message put on mine from Christopher and it touched my heart in a deep way! I have trouble showing my emotions something I need to work on I guess but I nope he knows how much it meant to me to engrave my pendant! Dreamt you were with me last nite it was so real til I woke up and realized it was all just that, a dream! Angels east angels west please guard my mom while she rests! Love you from here to the moon!

Jolene ernest
Hey mom, got to visit you today! Your urn is beautiful with a nice rose on it wish you could see it! Jessica bedard was over visiting and she got to spend time with you also! It's hard to see the urn and for you not to be here in the moment but you would be proud of what Christopher picked out for you! We will be taking you home in a couple of weeks to rest you with your mother and brother and that's when it will be hard to let you go! Can you see my tears, hear my screams, feel my pain? It hurts ma more than I could have ever imagined! Love you from here to the moon! Rest easy

I dont have, nor are there words to explain the connection that got temporarily displaced between us when ur heart stopped. ive cried a million tears and will cry several billion more. My heart has a void that i cant justify in my mind. u told me things that will always remain ours i cherish the realness we had mother to son, and will honor you as you asked me to! it wont b easy to lay u to rest but i will to the best of my ability as promised one heartbeat always yours christopher. p.s. fly on free spirit!!!

Jolene ernest
Mom, gonna try and sleep tonite wish you could help me! I want to close my eyes, I need to close my eyes, I'm tired mom, so tired and so full of pain! I know we will meet again someday but it doesn't ease my pain now! Rest easy mom love you from here to the moon

Dillon and nate
Grammy, we miss you and think of you everyday! Wish you could be here to see me drive and to graduate but I cherish the time we had together! Love you and miss you lots!!!!

Jolene ernest
Mom, this is becoming a nightly ritual for me on here! I can't sleep because I see your face and I think of what could have been! I'd give anything to take your pain away and to have you back! It's hard going thru ur belongings cuz it brings back so many memories good and bad! I struggle each day with acceptance, I know u are not suffering any longer but I sure wish I had u hear to be an ear for me to tell me what I should do! I miss you and I miss our family and wish things were different as I know u wished the same! Seen a butterfly today it fluttered around my shoulder and it brought a tearful smile to my face as I thought of you! I love you and will talk to u again tomorrow!

Jolene ernest
Mom, I will write on this thing everyday just to talk to you! Went to your house today to help with packing and cleaning and had the radio going hearing songs that you used to play all the time brought a bit of a smile to my face asmi sung along with it not that u want to hear me sing because it's pretty scary lol your on my mind always! I hope heaven is all you dreamed it would be and wish u were here as I need u now more than ever my life is in shambles! Miss you love you to the moon and back

Joshua &leia and the kids
Mom there are no words for someone taking you before ur time, I am coping with it the best I can. You deserved better then what u had, but u made ur own decisions and I will respect that. There has not been one day I do not think of you, and say to myself one more time . There will always be the memories of you and that's what we have left of you, but we both know those are just memories and that the real thing is much better. I had planned in my mind a better ending for u I'm sorry u had to suffer but there's nothing anyone can do when Jesus calls u it's time to answer. One day we will meet again then u will know I'm home safely. Mom I always looked out for u and took care of you someday I will do it again. Mom I love you very much as do the family. P.s please behave until I get there love u always and forever josh

Jolene ernest
Mom, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you! I watched you suffer in the end and I find comfort in knowing that you are no longer suffering! I thank you for teaching me about courage, love, hope, strength! You fought hard and made me so proud to be your daughter. You will be with me always! I was afraid of death, you taught not to be afraid of the dead but of the living! You are an inspiration to me and the boys! Dillon and Nathan talk about you on a daily basis and I wish we had more time as you were robbed of life but heaven needed an angel to help him and although I would rather have you here you are needed more up there! Love you always and forever!

Rosie, you were my first love-my only love, and my last love, my one and only true love. You will always be in my heart and we will be together again soon. Loving you forever and always I AM YOURS-Glen

Ma, I love you always. I miss you, but you are in good hands now. I'll see you soon.

Micah and ailani ernest
We miss you 'GG' But you will always be in our hearts!

Lynn Trunzo
My thoughts and prayers are with your family in this time of need. God bless all of you. Love, Lynn


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